Tuition fee €4,268 per year
Application fee €141 one-time

The application fee consists of a 100 € registration fee and a 41 € payment for the recognition of education documents by the Academic Information centre of Latvia. The application fee is non-refundable.

Payment of the application fee and the diploma recognition fee should be paid only after the receipt of the invoice and must be paid BY the deadline of the invoice, if for any reason you have failed to pay the fees by the said deadline please contact the admission coordinator.
The application will be processed only after the payment receipt (the official receipt issued by the bank) has been uploaded in the Apply system, take note: in the event of any changes made in the application you are to resubmit the application to confirm and save the changes.

Deposit €500 one-time

A one-time payment for students coming from third countries outside the EU/EEA is to be paid in full together with the full-year tuition fee payable upon arrival. The deposit is intended for coverage of possible immigration expenses and paid back upon request after graduation.

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The goals of the Academic Doctoral Study Programme History are: to undertake research and ensure the development of the national science of history, to train the future staff of scientific, higher education and cultural institutions, and in a wider perspective to participate in formation of the national intellectual elite. Another aim of the Programme is to highlight scientific priorities for future research in the science of history in Latvia The extent of the Academic Doctoral Study Programme History of the University of Latvia is 216 ECTS. It is possible to obtain a doctoral degree in history and in subfields, such as archaeology, ethnology, historiography and auxiliary sciences of history, the history of Latvia and general history. There are two forms of the Programme: full-time studies (6 study semesters) and part time studies (8 study semesters). In accordance with the requirements of the Programme, each doctoral student prepares an individual study plan, which is approved once a year by the supervisor of the doctoral thesis and the Council of Doctoral Studies. The Academic Doctoral Study Programme History involves writing the doctoral thesis and study courses, with the task of providing assistance in the process of writing the doctoral thesis.

In the course of doctoral studies and defence of the dissertation doctoral graduates should master several abilities:

1) A capacity for independent research: the graduate is able to accomplish independent and original research, the graduate is able to organise and supervise scientific projects and scientific research by other historians;

2) Teaching ability: the graduate is able to establish new lecture courses, based on independent and original research and the latest scientific literature , as well as to supervise scientific research by students (including master’s and doctoral theses);

3) Organizational ability: the graduate is able to organize and manage the functioning of such academic and scientific institutions as faculties and departments of social sciences and humanities, various scientific research centres, museums and archives and their departments, manage new study programmes; likewise the graduate is able to analyse information and develop policy in positions connected with state administration, as well as protection of the cultural heritage.

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States