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MastersTechnological innovations and design for education

Tuition fee €3,700 per year
Application fee €141 one-time

The application fee consists of a 100 € registration fee and a 41 € payment for education documents recognition from the Academic Information centre of Latvia. Application fee is non-refundable.

Payment of application fee and diploma recognition fee should be paid only after receiving invoice, and must be paid ONLY till deadline of invoice, if for any reason you couldn’t pay fee’s till deadline please contact with admission coordinator.
Application will be proceeded only after uploading payment receipt (official receipt issued by bank) in apply system, remember: after any changes you have to resubmit application, to confirm and save them.

Deposit €500 one-time

A one-time payment for students coming from outside the EU/EEA to be paid in full along with the full year tuition fee payable upon arrival. The deposit is intended to cover possible immigration expenses and paid back upon request after graduation.

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The aim of the master’s study programme “Technological innovations and design for education” is to promote the development of students’ academic and professional competence and competitiveness in the field of education, innovative and research activities, change management, pedagogical activities and to motivate for further academic growth by acquiring and creating new pedagogical and design solutions for technology-enhanced learning in educational organizations and companies providing educational services.
Tasks of the study programme:
1. To promote students’ research skills by integrating the latest trends and opportunities for technological progress, scientific knowledge and innovative ideas in interdisciplinary contexts.
2. To promote the development of students’ pedagogical competence and readiness to plan, implement and evaluate the opportunities of technology-enriched learning process according to learning needs of different educational target groups (at all stages of human life), different abilities and prior knowledge.
3. To promote the development of students’ digital, pedagogical and design competencies, which are necessary for educational sciences, by implementing the study courses offered in the study programme.
4. To promote students’ ability to develop creative and innovative technological solutions for the educational environment.
5. To develop students’ research and analytical competence to solve problems independently, to develop new research directions and to present their research results.
6. To promote the competitiveness of students in the changing socio-economic conditions of the local and international labour market.
7. To promote students’ competence to transform the content of learning to make it attractive to modern learners, to develop and implement various learning strategies that can be used online, to support colleagues in the use of technology in education.
8. To promote students’ competence to communicate in a multicultural environment.

Career opportunities

The program “Technological innovations and design for education” is an academic program and is oriented towards the preparation of higher-level educational specialists – maintain school teachers, extracurricular education teachers, methodologists, creators/designers of digital teaching/learning aids, and all the necessary preconditions for a successful career in public and private sector related to education. The program provides also an opportunity to continue the studies in Doctoral programs.

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States